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Do you want your employees to learn how to stand out in the crowd?
Tired of having the conversation with employees about their attire?

First Impressions, Personal and Professional Branding
is a hot topic today in corporate America.
Let’s face it; none of us want to have “that” talk with our employees.  We don’t want to tell them what they are wearing to work isn’t appropriate, that it is distracting to the other
employees and that their attire is limiting their job success.

Using first impressions and personal branding is invaluable for companies. Teach your team how their image is the image of your company, and explain to them how personal
branding and first impressions will affect their success.

This workshop is also especially helpful for college graduates or those seeking to gain employment.  Knowing the nuances of a first impression, body language and nonverbal
communication will give you a leg up on the competition.
Thinking of hosting an event or adding a fashion and style workshop to your group get together?  Here is what you can expect
when your bring in Kathy to speak at your event:  

  • Beauty from the inside out
  • Accept and embrace your shape, regardless of the size
  • Learn your Style Personality
  • Know what the best jeans, tops, skirt and dresses are for your shape
  • Color Analysis for every attendee

Kathy’s ROCK! What You've Got workshops have become a ‘must-attend” event in many communities. The Workshops are
hosted by local libraries, boutiques, churches, clubs, organizations and in private homes with groups of girlfriends.