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First Impressions - what are your clothes saying about you

Do you want your employees to learn how to stand out in the crowd?
Tired of having the conversation with employees about their attire?

Using first impressions and personal branding is invaluable for companies. Teach your team how their image is the
image of your company, and explain to them how personal branding and first impressions will affect their success.

This workshop is also especially helpful for college graduates or those seeking to gain employment.  Knowing the
nuances of a first impression, body language and nonverbal communication will give you a leg up on the competition.

First Impressions, Personal and Professional Branding
is a hot topic today in corporate America. How is your team doing?
Thinking of hosting an event or adding a fashion and style workshop to your group get together?  Here is what you can expect
when your invite me to speak at your event:

  • Beauty from the inside out - focus on showing the world who you are through your clothing
  • Accept and embrace your shape, regardless of the size
  • Light bulb moments on how your image may be impacting your career success
  • Laughing through tears

All workshops are tailor made to fit your group's needs.  Most workshops are available to fit your event's time line: workshops range from 45-
minutes to full-day retreats.

Fees available upon request.
Taking the LAZY out of Business Casual - flipping perceptions upside down

Let’s face it; none of us want to have “that” talk with our employees.  Who wants to hear  what they
are wearing to work isn’t appropriate, is distracting or limiting their job success.

In today's casual work environment, our office attire has gone beyond casual to downright lazy. Let
me help you explain to your team why lazy isn't OK, how what they wear needs to match the image
of the corporation and most importantly...what is OK to wear to work.
CEO Chick - all black suits are not created equal

What do men really think about what we wear to work?  What about the team you lead?

In this powerful and frank workshop, you will learn how what you wear is your visual business card
and can create team unity or team anxiety.  Your clothing tells others how you want to be treated,
shows the level of respect you have for your company and co-workers and influences other’s opinion
about your ability.  You will also become acutely aware how the dynamics between men and women
in the workplace really play out. Yes ladies, men really don't think the way we do (and I'll share the
science behind my thoughts).

Some of the elements detailed in ROCK! What You’ve Got will be covered in this workshop.

Be seen for the professional you are!
ROCK! What You've Got

A style and fashion focused workshop where attendees will learn to embrace all aspects of their own personal
style.  Topics in this workshop include:

  • Find Your Personal Style
            Embracing who you are on the inside and showing that beauty through your clothing choices
  • Dressing for Your Silhouette
            Best cuts of clothing for various body types (include best jeans, tops, dresses)
            How to camouflage ‘ruffles’ and look 5lbs thinner
  • Colors! The Best Color Palate for You
            Best colors including makeup hues
            If time permits (and your group is a workable size), every attendee will receive a ‘group’ color analysis
  • How to Accessorize

This workshop can be adapted for women from 15 - 115!
Your Visual Business Card - what are your clothes saying?

How can you perfect your visual business card? For business minded women, we spend a lot of time juggling
life/work, focusing on our business and paying attention to our craft…but did you know most of your client’s buying
decision have to do with how you dress?

Your clothing is a way to mold other’s impressions of you, your skills and abilities. Research shows your appearance
strongly influences other people's perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and
suitability for hire on a project or promotion.  In other words, looking the part takes you 55% closer to getting the job.

You will learn how to keep your image current (showing relevance of your skills in the marketplace), feeling your best
(increasing confidence), hiding 'ruffles' (extra weight), proper fit (feeling your best from the inside out), and best colors.