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Private sessions are for individuals wanting some assistance in:

- creating personal style
- developing a new image to enhance their career
- shopping for key wardrobe pieces
- learning what type of clothing are the best for them

Want some personalized style help but time and your budget are tight? YOU are who our e-sessions
were created for.  Learn more

Individual Services
All of these services take place in your home-town.  
Group sessions can be developed for destinations.
Wardrobe Coaching
Color Analysis
Style Personality Assessment
Body Shape Definition
Basic Beauty (hair and makeup)
Closet Audits
Personal Shopping
Look Book
Shop Your Closet
Smart wardrobe choices stand out because they speak to who you are.  Your attire is a direct
reflection of your personality.

Building a great wardrobe is not as difficult as you might think.  There are some practical and
easy steps I can take with you - are your ready to bring out the NEW more stylish YOU?
Private Consultations
Dear Kathy, Thank you so much for visiting us! The girls in my high school class said really enjoyed having you there! I asked them to write some things about the presentation and one student wrote, "She really knows what she is talking about!" Yes!!!! I have noticed that your visit has truly brightened their outlook at school. Thank you also for the beautiful pink bag and the wonderful soap! You are so kind! Thank You Again, Brenda