A Style Makeover session will teach you how to look and feel your best.  
This 3-4 hour private session will teach you:

What to wear and when
•        Evaluating your personality and lifestyle to define your Style Personality
•        What to wear to all of the engagements on your calendar
•        Analyzing your career goals and matching your First Impression to those goals
•        How to get the most out of all the pieces in your wardrobe

How to enhance your silhouette
•        How to camouflage problem areas by maximizing your strengths
•        Which style rules to disregard based on your unique body shape
•        Why specific colors make a different in your look
•        Creating balance in an outfit by using proportion
•        Define the best palate of colors to compliment your shape

Use accessories to make the most out of your wardrobe
•        How to know how many accessories finish an outfit
•        How to take an outfit from the office to a night out or to kids after school activities by using accessories
•        Updating the favorite pieces in your wardrobe by using fashion forward accessories

Select proper undergarments and lingerie
•        How to correctly choose a bra for your body type and what size should you wear
•        The appropriate undergarment for specific outfits
•        How to build a lingerie wardrobe

Choose the right hairstyle and color
•        Finding the right hairstyle to you based on your face shape
•        Choosing the right color based on your lifestyle and skin tone
•        Setting up a hair maintenance program, great products and style options

Use makeup to enhance your natural beauty
•        Basics of skin care based on your lifestyle and age
•        How to use makeup in 5 minutes or less
•        Choosing the right colors that work perfectly with your skin tone
•        The proper eyebrow shape
During your personal shopping session we will shop together!  I will do all the leg work and guide you through how to shop for the
best pieces for your wardrobe.  This is best done after a Style Makeover session.  It's most productive to shop AFTER we know what
looks good on you (and why), what you have, what you need and what your style goals are.

Mastering the art and science of shopping
•        What type of store is the best for you to shop in based on your style and needs
•        Which brands are designed for you and fit your body the best
•        How to develop a shopping list for each  new season
•        Learning about fashion through magazines and creating your own style inspiration file
•        How to cut through the clutter and shop for the best pieces for you efficiently

Need some resources and ideas for a few key pieces?  Maybe you are searching for an outfit for a special event. I will send you links
(via email) to help you purchase an amazing outfit!
Need a head start to your style overhaul?  Maybe you need to clear out all the stuff in your closet you never wear, or don't even
know where to start removing the wrong things from your closet?  Let me do that for you!

Develop a perfectly organized and functional wardrobe
•        How to regain control of your closet and make it a place of peace (not frustration!)
•        Which pieces to wear and which to donate
•        Develop new looks from the pieces you did not know you had in your closet
•        Create an inventory sheet and a shopping list
1.        Get A Closet Full of Clothes You Love and Wear
I will help you figure out what you need to buy and what you don’t need to buy.  I will also help you
determine what looks good on your body and how to put outfits together.

2.        I Will Help You Create Your Best Image
It’s true that people form opinions about each other within the first few second of meeting. That first
impression is your visual business card.  What you wear tells a story of who you are and how you want to
be treated.  As your stylist, I will help you pick clothing that shows the world who you are and match your
image to your personal and career goals.

3.        I Will Create New Outfits Out of the Clothes You Already Own
During a closet audit, I will remove the clutter (the things that don’t fit you or don’t match your style) and
organize your clothing in a way that makes you feel like you are walking into your own personal boutique
every morning.  During this process, I will create new outfit options for you based on what you already
have in your wardrobe.
Call it Wardrobe Therapy...I will combine your current wardrobe with new pieces—including clothing, shoes, and accessories—to
show you how to optimize your look.  This will help you choose outfits everyday with confidence!

I think the very real statistic that people generally only wear 40% of their wardrobe is crazy! I want you to maximize your wardrobe!
Travel with fewer clothes and have more options for your trip!

You will get photos of each outfit option and a detailed packing list. I'll also help you fold everything in a way that will minimize
wrinkles so your travel capsule is ready-to-wear when your feet hit your vacation destination.

NEVER FORGET ANYTHING AGAIN!  I pack items based from research on your destination, weather and your itinerary. I use a
tried-and-true form to be sure I haven't overlooked anything, and that you have something amazing for each day...with a few extra
options (in case you change your mind!).