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Smart wardrobe choices stand
out because they
speak to who you are.  

Your attire is a direct reflection of
your personality, and tells others
how you want to be treated.
We will develop a Style File for you that will define all aspects of your signature style.  During
your style and Image consultation we will talk through:

What not to wear and when
•        Evaluating your personality and lifestyle to define your Style Personality
•        What to wear to all of the engagements on your calendar
•        Analyzing your career goals and matching your First Impression to those goals
•        How to get the most out of all the pieces in your wardrobe

Minimizing figure flaws & enhancing silhouette
•        How to camouflage problem areas by maximizing your strengths
•        Which style rules to disregard based on your unique body shape
•        Why specific colors make a different in your look
•        Creating balance in an outfit by using proportion

Evaluating accessory choices
•        How to know how many accessories finish an outfit
•        How to take an outfit from the office to a night out or to kids after school activities by using accessories
•        Updating the favorite pieces in your wardrobe by using fashion forward accessories

Selecting undergarments and lingerie
•        How to correctly choose a bra for your body type and what size should you wear
•        The appropriate undergarment for specific outfits
•        How to build a lingerie wardrobe

Choosing the right hairstyle and color
•        Finding the right hairstyle to you based on your face shape
•        Choosing the right color based on your lifestyle and skin tone
•        Setting up a hair maintenance program, great products and style options

Using makeup to enhance your natural beauty
•        Basics of skin care based on your lifestyle and age
•        How to use makeup in 5 minutes or less
•        Choosing the right colors that work perfectly with your skin tone
•        The proper eyebrow shape
Need a head start to your style overhaul?  Maybe you need to clear out all the stuff in your
closet you never wear, or don't even know where to start removing the wrong things from your
closet?  Let me do that for you!

Developing a perfectly functional wardrobe
•        How to regain control of your closet and make it a place of peace (not frustration!)
•        Which pieces to wear and which to donate
•        Developing new looks from the pieces you did not know you had in your closet
Having a signature style isn't as overwhelming
as you might think.  There are practical and
easy steps I will take with you to define all
aspects of your Style Personality.

There are many reasons to consider a Style
and Image Consultation.  I will help you:

Create a personal style unique to you
Develop a new image to enhance your career
Audit your wardrobe
Shop for key wardrobe pieces
Individual Services

All of these services take place in your home-town.  Group sessions can be developed for your
ladies group or club.

 Wardrobe Coaching
 Color Analysis
 Style Personality Assessment
 Body Shape Definition
 Basic Beauty (hair and makeup)
 Closet Audits
 Personal Shopping
 Look Book
 Shop Your Closet
During your personal shopping session we will shop together!  I will do all the leg work and
guide you through how to shop for the best pieces for your wardrobe.  

*note: Personal Shopping delivery services are also available, I shop and bring the goods to your

Mastering the art and science of shopping
•        What type of store is the best for you to shop in based on your style and needs
•        Which brands are designed for you and fit your body the best
•        How to develop a shopping list for each  new season
•        Learning about fashion through magazines and creating your own style inspiration file
•        How to cut through the clutter and shop for the best pieces for you efficiently
Style Make-Over Sessions for Ladies
Dear Kathy, Thank you so much for visiting us! The girls in my high school class said really enjoyed having you there! I asked them to write some things about the presentation and one student wrote, "She really knows what she is talking about!" Yes!!!! I have noticed that your visit has truly brightened their outlook at school. Thank you also for the beautiful pink bag and the wonderful soap! You are so kind! Thank You Again, Brenda